• SET-UP----Your Cottonwood Shade Shelter can be easily set-up in 5 minutes or less by two people, if you follow the basic sequence detailed below. If time allows, we would recommend that you read through these instructions in their entirety and do a practice set-up at home before taking the Cottonwood outdoors. Then you can be sure all components are present & functional, and proceed through the set-up sequence at a leisurely pace to learn the most efficient techniques.
  • TAKE DOWN --- For the take down, simply reverse the set-up sequence.
  • LONG TERM STORAGE --- Your Cottonwood is more likely to be damaged by mold, mildew or bacteria during storage than by elements while set up and in use. Make sure that all food or other organic material is removed and that your tent is thoroughly dry before packing into the stuff bag. If you have to pack up and leave the campsite while your tent is damp, set it up later at home & allow it to dry thoroughly for long-term storage. Clean fabric with a soft sponge and very mild detergent to prevent damaging material coatings.
  • ALUMINUM POLES --- Take care in handling the poles during set-up and take down when they are most vulnerable to accidental damage. The poles, especially the long "arch poles", will take a slight bend or "set" after use. This is normal and does not impair their function. Never use the poles for anything other than to support the Cottonwood.
    • Arch Poles -- 2 ea.

    • Vertical Corner Poles, with elbow -- 4 ea.


  • Guy lines: The use of guylines is critical to proper performance and protection of poles in windy weather. Your Cottonwood comes with a complete set of guylines and ground stakes to ensure proper set up. Please take the time to guy your shade shelter out. Failure to do so may result in damage to the Cottonwood and/or poles, and may void your warranty
  • To set up the Cottonwood Shade Shelter:


    Step 1. Unpack the Cottonwood & lay it out with the pole sleeves facing up on a level site on the ground.

    Step 2. Locate the adjustable lower corner webbing with the grommets and stretch outwards on the ground. Be sure the adjustable corner webbing straps are fully extended for ease of set up.

    Step 3. Unfold and assemble the 6 poles. Be sure sections are fully engaged. This is very important.

    Step 4. Locate the 2 mesh pole sleeves sewn into the rooftop. The sleeves cross at the center of the roof.

    Step 5. Insert the 2 long "arch" poles through the continuous pole sleeves.

    Step 6. With the shade shelter remaining on the ground, engage the elbow-end of the vertical corner poles into the ends of the "arch" poles at 4 corners. Again, be sure sections are fully engaged.

    Step 7. With 2-people, simultaneously lift any 2 adjacent corner poles & seat pole tips into floor corner grommets, use inside grommets. Repeat this at the other 2 corners. Once all four pole tips are securely in their grommets, tighten all four of the corner webbing straps to fully erect and tighten the shade shelter.

    Step 8. Once the tent is erect, it can be repositioned & the corners staked out to smooth out the wrinkles.

    Step 9. Seam-sealing is recommended for complete waterproofing in heavy rainfalls. You can purchase seam sealer direct from Paha Que’ by calling toll-free 888.700.TENT (8368), or visit your local sports or camping gear retailer.

    Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun! UV damage is considered normal wear and tear, and is not covered by your lifetime warranty!

    Don’t Forget to Read the Enclosed User Tips Page For Additional Product

    Set-Up and Use Information